Affordable Doesn’t Mean ‘Compromise’

With NexGen’s proprietary interlocking block technology, affordable doesn’t mean compromise; it means smart, efficient solutions tailored for your business needs. Elevate your operations without breaking the bank.

How It Works

1. Layout and Foundation

2. Installing Reinforcement

3. Base Layer

4. Laying

5. Insulation

6. Finishes

Why We’re Different



Engineered to be stronger than traditional blocks and withstand 180mph hurricane winds.



Uses less natural resources
Blocks can be made from recycled materials
Homes are more energy efficient
R-Values better able to regulate temp & humidity


Cost Effective

Minimal skilled labor required
Quicker speed to market
1/3 time of traditional home build
Less maintenance & repair costs

Channels We Service


Offer home builders a blend of efficiency, sustainability, and durability that traditional home building materials can not.


Environmentally conscious and easy to use solution for modern construction needs and DIY projects


Modular, mortar-less design ensures rapid assembly and reduces reliance on skilled labor with the added benefit of sustainability.

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